Tuesday, June 5, 2012

crab risotto for two

risotto recipe for two

Somehow I got the idea that risotto was so tricky that it could only be made by the most super advanced chefs. Wrong! When I saw Nadia G from Bitchin' Kitchen prepare a mushroom risotto I knew I could do it myself. If you don't know who Nadia G is go read this blog post! Now!

Nadia G Bitch'n Kitchen

When making risotto you must keep these two important rules in mind: 
1 - Use arborio rice. Yes it really does matter! Arborio rice has a high starch content which is absolutely key for the rich and creamy texture of risotto.
2 - Cooking technique. Cooking risotto isn't the same as cooking more common rice dishes. The liquid is added a half a cup at a time until it is completely absorbed by the rice. You also need to stir... a lot. Stirring is important to the finished texture as it helps to release the starch from the rice. Also, with little liquids in the pan the rice is more likely to burn if it stays in the same place for too long. So make sure to keep everything moving for even cooking. It's not true that you must stir the pot constantly but it helps. If you must respond to the occasional text message or pour yourself another glass of wine go right ahead. Just don't ignore the pot for too long.

I didn't want to make a mushroom risotto like Nadia G so I came up with my own recipe. As long as you've got the rice and the stock you can add any flavors that you'd like. When you're cooking remember that you're the one eating this food so change up any ingredients that you don't like or would like more of! Here is the recipe that I came up with.

Crab Risotto (for two)
garlic (about a tablespoon or as much as you'd like)
1 shallot
1 red bell pepper
1 lemon
1 8oz. bottle of clam juice
2 cups stock (I used fish stock)
1/2 cup arborio rice
splash of white wine (about 1/4 cup, serve the rest with dinner)
1/4 cup of heavy cream
8oz imitation crab meat (use the real thing if you can!)
2 slices of cooked bacon (optional) 

1 - Prepare everything for cooking. Mince garlic and shallots, chop red bell pepper, slice up some lemon wedges and set aside. Measure the rice. Pour yourself a glass of wine and keep the bottle out.

crab risotto recipe for two

2 - Bring clam juice and stock to a boil then quickly adjust heat to low. Keep liquids simmering.

crab risotto recipe for two

3 - In a new pan heat a small amount of olive oil over a medium flame. Add garlic, shallots and red bell pepper and cook until the peppers are softened a bit. They will continue to cook and get softer as we go. You don't want the garlic to brown or worse... burn. Yuck.

crab risotto recipe for two

4 - Stir in the rice. Add wine and a squeeze of lemon juice. Turn up the heat just a bit to medium/high and stir until all the liquid is absorbed by the rice.

crab risotto recipe for two

5 - Using a ladle add about half a cup of the clam juice/stock mixture to the rice and stir until all the liquid is absorbed. Repeat until all the liquid is gone, stirring often. If you like a firmer rice you might not need to add all the liquid so test for doneness as you go. This can take awhile so turn up your favorite pandora station and keep your glass of wine close.

crab risotto recipe for two

6 - Once all the liquid is absorbed turn the heat down to low and add crab meat (saving a few pieces for garnish), heavy cream, and another squeeze of lemon. Salt and pepper to taste.

crab risotto recipe for two

Dish it out and remember to make it look pretty. You've just made an impressive dish so take the time to decorate! Plate with some crusty sour dough bread, sprinkle some bacon on top and add a few lemon wedges.

crab risotto recipe for two

This recipe is for two but it can easily be doubled/tripled just remember that more liquids means more time stirring in half cups of stock. 

The first time I made this for my boyfriend his smile went ear to ear with the first bite.

Marvelous beyond belief!


  1. LOL I love the title of your blog :)
    and that post about the vanilla sugar, great idea!

  2. Thanks Narita! I'm drinking coffee sweetened with some vanilla sugar right now! So marvelous : )

  3. I came back to this one because it just looks SO DELICIOUS. I may have to try this out soon!! (For Michael, not dad. We're in a fight haha)