Tuesday, November 6, 2012

upcycled jewelry boxes

It's a running joke in my family that I'll save anything. (Un)fortunately I can usually see some sort of potential use for most trash worthy items. And those trash worthy items are kept whether their potential use is carried through or not. It's a curse stricken on the crafty, and I've got it bad.

One particular kind of item I've been saving lately for future upcycling projects are old jewelry boxes. No, I'm not talking about what might be sitting on your dresser right now, filled with necklaces, bracelets and rings. I'm talking about the boxes that necklaces, bracelets and rings come in.

You'd have to be blind not to see all the possibilities! All the different things you can do with those boxes! I mean, you can keep stuff in them, and...


Well that's pretty much it. BUT if you can think of your box as a blank canvas then the styling possibilities inside and out are truly endless. As usual, all the decor options are making me feel a bit overwhelmed. But that doesn't stop me from putting these boxes to use while they are still blank. It gives me time to consider any cosmetic updates before making a commitment.

Hold on a second. There is some work to be done before your old jewelry boxes can be used. They don't usually open very wide. To fix this slowly and gently bend the box open, pulling the lid backwards, until you've reached your desired level of openness. And don't forget to remove the jewelry-holding innards. Some of the innards should be kept as a template when you're ready to add some flare to the inside of the box.

I often use my largest box to hold vital items while traveling. Items such as spare rubber bands, bobby pins, jewelry, lip balm, and a perfume sample or two (samples are so much easier to travel with than your full bottle so stock up on your signature scent!) I load up the box, snap it shut, and I'm good to go!

The inside of the box is pretty raw. 

Think of all the fabric lined possibilities! You could even add a mirror and dividers for a high class travel case. 

I use one of my smaller boxes for... drumroll please... earbuds! Obviously. There is absolutely nothing worse than loose earbuds floating around your bag. Never staying neatly wrapped around your iPod as you hoped. Well, problem efficiently solved.

Next time you're gifted some jewelry don't get distracted by all the shine and sparkle. Make sure to hang on to the real treasure... the box it came in.

What kind of things would you keep in your upcycled box? How would you decorate it?


  1. Know the collecting feeling! In my case, it's leather offcuts, trimmings of all sorts and ribbons galore. Love the idea of keeping earbuds in a box - but expanding on that theme, you could end up with a handbag as large as a backpack!

    Good luck with finding new and exciting uses for your box collection

  2. haha a curse stricken on the crafty- i'm forced to agree with you! and pinterest really isn't helping with letting things go. i do the same thing with my jewelry boxes- i stash loose, little things in there and it really helps with not losing things. we're so smart ;)

  3. You really inspired me to make use out if all the boxes, thank you for that! Love the idea if earbuds in a box! :)

  4. Ear buds in a snappable box - GENIUS! I've been keeping mine in a little pouch, but I love the idea of a fun little box even more. ^-^