Wednesday, March 28, 2012

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In our short lives my boyfriend and I have already accumulated an impressive amount of stuff. Unfortunately a lot of it is useless junk. My boyfriend has this big stereo/CD player that I've been trying to get him to toss for years. It's been hibernating in one of two very small closets in our apartment, taking up valuable real estate from our true storageables. I've set it up in the past, foolishly thinking it might get some use. Nope. I guess digital music is here to stay. And the stereo will stay in the closet until he decides he doesn't need it anymore.

Because our lack of closet space would bring a shoe lover to tears (thank goodness I'm not one) I must stash my stuff elsewhere. And it was when we got our BRIMNES bed from ikea that my life changed forever.

brimnes bed drawers

Yeah! Those are drawers! Four of them... and I make no exaggeration when I say they are freaking huge

It was when I started filling them up with stuff that I realized there might actually be too much room. There was no structure. No order. My stuff had too much freedom and things were more chaotic than ever. I needed a way to keep everything organized and I didn't have much cash to spend on dividers. Then the idea struck. Cardboard! I got a few boxes and went to work. I started by placing different sized boxes in the drawers and fit them together like puzzle pieces. Notice that I have boxes on top of boxes and boxes within boxes to create layers for maximum organization.

drawer filled with free dividers organization

This is an idea that will work in any drawer. Just take a good hard look at what you've got and make the best out of it. You can get very creative with cardboard to figure out a way to suit your needs. The best part about this organization method is that the boxes come out easily. If I'm doing a project with ribbons I just take the box with me to my work station then pop it back in its place in the drawer when I'm done. Genius!

drawer filled with cheap dividers organization

All the dividers are immensely helpful to my craft drawer. Before it was a mess of fabric, ribbon, beads, yarn, paint, pencils, you name it. Just look at these before and after shots!

drawer filled with dividers organization

Now I can open my drawers and find exactly what I need in no time. Although this process still takes me awhile as the lovely organization is quite distracting.

cheap organization craft supplies


  1. OOhh! Great idea. The plastic drawer dividers can be very expensive so I like the idea of using cardboard boxes.

  2. Thank you Claudine! Thats one thing I did't mention... how cheap this idea is! The plastic dividers look nicer than cardboard but if nobody is going to see then who cares!! Another advantage cardboard has over plastic is that it can be easily trimmed down to fit anywhere you need it to.

  3. What a fun little video! And I have to admit I am insanely jealous of that bedframe! We are dying for room in our apartment and there is SO much space there.

  4. It is a very nifty tool, but initially I wasn't using it correctly. Plastic Divider

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