Tuesday, June 19, 2012

outside my window

So I'm totally obsessed with my view. It's pretty amazing. My boyfriend and I have been living with this view for four years and I still can't get over it. But we're renters who dream of owning a home one day so living here forever isn't an option. So I'll enjoy it while I can. 

Every photo was taken from my window.

I have taken so many photos of my view over the years so to change things up I edited these in photoshop to give the city a miniature look. So cool!


  1. SO awesome. I'm in Chicago, too (well, the 'burbs, but close enough), and you really did make everything look tiny! I'm impressed.

    Stopping by from Blogging Buddies!

  2. That's really neat!

    Blogging Buddies Team

  3. What an amazing view of Chicago from your place!
    Love the photo of the El!
    So nice to meet you through Etsy’s Blogging Buddies Team.
    I am your newest blog follower! :)

    All the best,
    Mixed-Media Map Art

  4. Completely different view from my window - I love to see all of the amazing scenes that home windows have to share. Very cool.

  5. If your view is full of cars, streets and buildings, the view from my window is full of green! Isn’t very relaxing to just stare at the window and see things come and pass you by? By the way, your edited photos look amazing!