Friday, December 7, 2012

it's starting to feel a bit like Xmas!

I love this time of year. I always have a warm place in my heart for holiday decorating. Even though I have been so consumed with our holiday window display to even put up our tree the last few years!!

This year I'm taking a slower approach to decorating, putting different items out slowly to not cause any Xmas overload.

I started by replacing my fall leaves in the window... I'll miss them so!

They had a good run. Leaves aren't so appropriate anymore. Even though we still have yet to see any substantial snow in Chicago. Which makes me sad!

So I strung up some multicolored lights, gold shimmering garland and added a few ornaments to bring in some of that Xmas spirit.

Obviously I've got a lot more to add to the windows if I'm going to win that contest, but I'm loving how it's looking now!!


  1. looks beautiful & so festive! i love your huge windows!

  2. Lovely! I'm with you on the snow... supposedly we might see some tomorrow? Fingers crossed.

  3. I just nominated you for the Liebster Blog award because I love your blog! :)

    Find out more about it here:


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  5. I love the big open windows.Just saying hi and to let you know I'm your newest blog member.I blog is on
    come by and check it out.

  6. beautiful decor! visiting you from the etsy promote your blog(s) team :) great blog!


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