Tuesday, September 18, 2012

fall window decorations

I've been waiting for awhile now to do something pretty with these fabric leaves that you may have seen in my fall craft supply post. I bought them a couple of years ago on clearance after the fall season was over. I didn't have any plans for them so they just sat with my craft supplies.

I thought about using the leaves to make a wreath but I really liked the idea of hanging them like they were fluttering down from a tree. Something you don't see too often downtown.

Last year I doctored them up with some glitter and strung them together with yarn. I hung some from this lamp...

... and some in the windows.

This year I hung them all in the windows. What I came up with is still simple but a little more intricate than last year.

I started by crocheting three chains of dark brown yarn in varying lengths for each window. I crocheted them on a metal ring for easy hanging.

Then I cut some dark brown ribbon and melted the edges to prevent fraying.

Pinching the melted edges together made it easier to string the leaves on. Which is what I did next.

Once I had all the leaves strung up I tied the ribbons to the crochet chains. And I was done!

 To finish I moved them up to the top part of the windows.

Now I'm constantly reminded that it's fall. Marvelous!


  1. following you from blogging buddies....and I love this idea. When I was living in an apartment in Texas, my mother sent me a box of fall leaves from Buffalo, NY. I threw them off my porch and enjoyed watching them fall to the ground. lol

  2. Thank you! She sent real leaves?? I would be worried about bugs but I bet they looked pretty falling from your porch!! Thanks for following!!

  3. That's such a cute idea! the crocheted rope is a great homemade touch + I'm super jealous of your VIEW! Ugh, my view is of a white wall hahah. :-(

  4. Looks like you have lovely views from your windows!