Wednesday, August 8, 2012

where I cook

So, as I've mentioned many times before, I love to be in my kitchen. I though you might like to see what it looks like for those of you who don't already know.

There is it! So tiny cozy. Storing all our appliances and kitchen items in this small space is a challenge but the key is organization. Everything has a place.

Food is kept in the cabinet on the left. I chose this side because it is closer to the oven and microwave as well as the peninsula which is where most of our food prep is done. The cabinet to the right holds our dishes because it sits right above the dishwasher making the chore of dish washing less of a hassle. Our coffee items sit on the bottom shelf which rests right above the coffee maker. Marvelous!

Inside the food cabinet I use a lazy susan to keep taller things organized and this spice rack to keep shorter items in full view.

I keep a basket in the cabinet to hold items that don't stand well on their own and otherwise get lost amongst everything else.

I'm not a big fan of food packaging so I'll often swap it for something better. I put my steal cut oats in an old jar and quick oats into another. One day I'd like to find some small jars for my spices but thats a project that will just have to wait.

No, there isn't much space...

So we focus on using it well. Every spot in our kitchen is packed but well organized. Our drawer has stayed this way for years without getting cluttered. I blame the drawer liner for keeping everything in the right spot.

We even put the wood column that stands in the middle of our kitchen to use by hanging some essential tools from it. Very convenient. The nails were already there when we moved in. Bonus!

The interior walls of our apartment don't go all the way to the ceiling (apart from the bathroom of course). Our bedroom is on the other side of that wall.

There was just enough room under the overhang of the counter for a small shelf that I have had for awhile. It used to belong to my sister!

We hung the shelfs that sit over the counter. Well, my Dad did. But I picked them out from Ikea. I also decided to leave the wood unfinished. To match the wood column.

Sure theres a lot I would change if we could... but I'm more than happy to cook here.


  1. You have such a cute kitchen! I always try to keep my craft table this organized but I always fail.

  2. Thank you!! Although it doesn't always look this nice. Once everything has a place it makes clean up easier and faster which means I'm more likely to do it.

    Thank you for stopping by!!

  3. I love your kitchen its just the same as mine tiny!!
    I have thing's hanging on my walls and everything i replaced my big cupboards with shelf's so now it look like i got more room (but really i haven't.)
    Also i have hooks hanging from my shelf's to hang my cups on and i have a spice rack as well (Ikea!)

    kay x

    1. Thanks Kay! Hanging stuff is a great way to fit more stuff in a small space! I think it makes putting stuff away easier too! Thanks for visiting!

  4. You forgot to talk about the microwave cart!

    1. Haha yea, I had to leave a lot of stuff out. I though the post was getting a little long.

  5. Just popped by. Love your kitchen!