Thursday, August 16, 2012

corn salsa

Earlier this week I was celebrating the upcoming fall season. I can't contain my excitement! But as much as I'm looking forward to fall I'm still sad that the last days of summer are dwindling down.

And I'm sad that there is still work going on in the apartment directly above me.

To brighten my mood, and as a reminder that we are still within the carefree days of summer,  I made a fresh corn salsa.

Here's how.

Take your ears of corn (I used two), shucked to the best of your abilities, and remove the kernels. Canned or frozen will work, but it wont be as good. Fresh is so cheap in the summer so why not use it?

Next, place the corn kernels in a skillet over medium/high heat with just a touch of olive oil to prevent sticking. Toast the kernels for a few minutes until they soften a bit and brighten in color. Add the toasted corn back into your mixing bowl.

Add some chopped onion and garlic.

And some chopped jalapeno and tomatillo.

Finish with some lime juice, salt and cilantro.

Toss together and that's it!

Well almost. You're going to need something to eat that with! I fried flour tortillas for some delicious homemade chips. Homemade chips are infinitely better than store bought and a great use of leftover tortillas from taco night.

Cut the tortilla into triangles and fry in hot oil using a similar method to the one I used while frying donuts. Remember that? That was fun. Anyway, heat some oil on the stove top and when you think it's hot enough drop in a tortilla piece. If it bubbles you're good to go. Fry a few chips at a time, turning them often. Remove them from the oil soon after they start to brown and drain on paper towels.

Yay! Homemade chips!

yum yum yum yum yum yum yum yum yum yum.

Fresh corn salsa
corn kernels
chopped onion
lime juice
tortillas (chips)
oil (chips)

*I didn't give measurements because this salsa should be made to your personal taste. Add as much or as little of each ingredient as you'd like. Throw in some extra stuff or leave some out. It's up to you.

Easy. Fresh. Screams summer. Enjoy!


  1. love this and love love love how you do the photography! the corn picture has me wanting to run down to the farmers market. =)

  2. I would suggest adding some Avacado! Perfect Summer dish!

    1. ....mmmmm.... avocado makes everything better!

  3. Awesome post! I've been meaning to make some corn salsa for a while, but I couldn't find a recipe that I really liked. Amanda's here to save the day! :D Gorgeous photos, cute gif, solid writing. I'm loving your blog, little lady ~ woo!

    1. Hey Chelsea!! Good to see you here on blogger! Those zombie attack photos you did with Kim were adorable! Miss you and hope to see you soon!!

  4. Looks so yummy and fresh!

  5. Mike says, Where can we order this? Carryout? Deliver? He'll be there for dinner tomorrow night. LOL

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