Monday, July 2, 2012

I'm home!

Life is back to normal. My cousin's graduation party was a ton of fun and the cookies I brought were a hit! I made peanut butter cookies with a chocolate topping and cranberry oatmeal cookies with a white chocolate topping. Yum! I'll be sharing the recipes soon.

Mackinac Island was a ton of fun as always. I can't believe how fast the trip went. We rode bikes, looked at historical landmarks, people watched from our balcony, ate at fancy restaurants, took a carriage ride and bought a lot of fudge. And I took over 500 photos... Which means I've got a lot of sorting and editing to do. I'll be sharing some of those soon!

When I got home from Mackinac Nathan's brother and his girlfriend were already here visiting from Sweden. They will be in the US for a couple weeks but they were with us for only a few days. They brought us some awesome vintage Swedish comics and a bunch of candy! Yum.

They spent most of their time exploring the city while Nathan and I stayed in. We had a lot of laundry and grocery shopping to do. Plus I was exhausted from my trip.

So this week I've got some recipes and vacation photos to share. My crochet flags are coming along nicely and I have my fingers crossed that they will be finished by Wednesday for the 4th...!

Happy Monday!


  1. Those cookies sound and look amazing!!!! Mmmm.

    The little houses in your picture are adorable, what a nice photo :-)


    1. The cookies were soooo good! I spent an entire day researching ingredients and techniques to make dense chewy cookies and it really paid off. I even did a few (small) practice batches to test out some of the theories with great results!! I'll be sharing the recipes soon!!

      And nearly every house on Mackinac Island looks like a real life doll house. It really is a magical place!!

      Thanks for stopping by!! : )

  2. You truly have a lovely blog here--the pictures are fantastic!