Thursday, October 4, 2012

polymer clay pumpkin container

Last week I mentioned that I was working on some special projects. And that I had to wait before I could share them. Well the waiting is over!

I was working on a couple of handmade gifts to give to my sister, Loren, for her birthday. Which was last week. Because she is a reader of my blog and occasional contributor I had to keep these gifts secret.

I made her two fall inspired items. The first was a polymer clay pumpkin container that I sculpted and then painted.

It started as a pinch pot that I showed in this post (way back in August) where I shared a few projects I was working on. It wasn't recognizable as anything back then so I figured it was safe to share.

I had to keep this pumpkin on the small side because polymer clay isn't the sturdiest material to work with. Once I got the pinch pot even looking I began to form it into a pumpkin.

After it was baked I spent awhile giving it a good sanding to smooth out the surfaces. Sanding also removed all the bits of dust that got stuck in the clay while I was sculpting. No matter how clean I keep my hands and my workspace, polymer clay always seems to pick up dust!

Next I sculpted a matching top with a cute curly stump. After it was baked and sanded smooth I was ready to start painting.

I used watercolor paints and was surprised how well they worked for this project. I think all the sanding   I did helped the paint stick to the surface of the baked polymer clay.

When I was finished painting I let the pumpkin dry for a few days and sprayed it with a high gloss sealant to keep the water color paint in place. And I was done!

Hmmm.... I wonder what she'll put in there?

In my next post I'll share the other gift I made for her.


  1. I keep the pumpkin by my sink and plan to put rings in it when I wash my hands!! Thanks for the Pumpkin, its cool to see all that went into it! It would have been funny if you made little seeds inside...

  2. Super cute :) I wouldn't have thought to use watercolors, it turned out really nice!

  3. DUDE! That is so sweet! I love it--I wanna try this :-D

  4. Very nice Amanda. Looks store bought its so nice.