Wednesday, February 29, 2012

DIY vanilla sugar

vanilla sugar DIY homemade

So I made some vanilla ice cream a while back and decided to use real vanilla. The vanilla pods I ended up with weren't too expensive -about $6 for two- but not the best quality either. Getting the little black beans out was a challenge as the pods were dried out. Most of them were still trapped inside when I gave up. The ice cream turned out okay but I was pissed that I spent that much for something that was more frustrating than flavorful. 

vanilla sugar DIY homemadeI didn't want to just throw the pods away so I thought to myself -as I often do- WWMSD? What would Martha Stewart do... obviously. I started watching Martha Stewart on TV when I was little. I had strange taste in television for a child. Anyway I love her and I love that she has been in prison. So... oh yea. I tossed those pods into an old spaghetti jar that I saved in horderly fashion. Next I poured in some sugar and sat it on the shelf for a while with all my coffee things. 
The next time I opened the jar I was slapped in the face with the delicious sent of sweet vanilla goodness... Slapped. Now I use this sugar in everything I bake. Whenever the sugar level is low I just throw in more and in no time it soaks up the vanilla flavor. That ice cream I made a while ago is long gone but vanilla sugar, you are here to stay.

vanilla sugar DIY homemade

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